It is summertime or off season at Rocky Mountain Roosters, but that doesn’t mean that you need to put the shotgun up and pout!  The fun never stops at RMR!  You can get weekly updates (less often in the summer, but during the season the RMR E-News comes to your IN BOX about once a week with great news about the club and other hunting and newsworthy items) by  clicking here  I WANT THE AWARD WINNING RMR E-NEWS!

The two 5-Stands (Liberty and Freedom) clay target ranges are open Tuesday – Saturday from 8-5pm.  These shooting facilities are great fun and awesome practice for the experts as well as the person that is shooting for the first time!  These are both fully automatic with a counting system that allows you to throw for yourself or with a group.

The pistol and rifle ranges are open as well and the cost is an amazing $10 per person per day.  That is cheap at twice the price!  You have to shoot paper, and we provide the target stands and you bring your targets.  Not TV’s, 8 track tapes or refrigerators  or wine bottles please!

We will open up for fantastic upland bird hunting the middle of September.  During the hot part of the fall, we only hunt in the mornings, and generally go to morning and afternoon hunts the first of October.  This is really for the safety of the dogs.  Pheasant hunting in Colorado can be warm or brutally cold, and if we had our choice it would be right in the middle, as far as temperatures go!  Rocky Mountain Roosters is the best place to run and train your dogs and we feel it is the best in Colorado pheasant hunting!  Chukar and Bobwhite Quail too!

If you would like to make a reservation to hunt, give us a call and we will get you on the books.  8-5pm weekdays at 719-635-3257





The Holidays Are Upon Us!
Time to bring the family and friends hunting

We have not had the water and cold weather that we normally get in the fall here in Colorado, but it is coming TRUST ME!
Take a look at your calendar and see when it is best for you to come enjoy a day or a YEAR at Rocky Mountain Roosters.  Colorado Pheasant Hunting is tough at best, but at Rocky Mountain Roosters, we guarantee you a great day of shooting…we can’t guarantee you will hit the birds, but we will show them to you!

We have been offering the upland bird hunter fantastic hunting since 1985 and this year has already started off GREAT!!

Keep our men and women in uniform, BLUE and CAMO, in your prayers.  Don’t settle for less than the best and do something nice for someone else when you can!  Call us to make reservations or for more information.  719-635-3257


Unbelieveable rain creates unbelieveable cover!!

September 19th we started our 30th year of hunting! It is fun to see the people come out and the comments about the cover range from “Holy Cow” to “Unbelievable!!”  Wait until you see what GREAT HUNTING COVER we have for you at RMR.

Can’t wait to see old friends and make new ones.  Why not call today and schedule your hunt??






The winners of the Best Excuses contest are below.

The winners must email HUNT@RMROOSTERS.COM to claim their prize. The winners must respond by email by April 30, 2015. Certificates are dated and cannot be extended.

Michael Sevilla
Eric Opitz
Robert Stein
Mark Hatfield
Bruce Habeck
William Schlafli
Eral Bradshaw
Stephen Jesik
Steven Roth
Jeffrey Gross

Have a FANTASTIC summer and thanks again for your support.

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Excuses Excuses Contest

Well – The results of the survey are in for the most often heard excuses for missing heard in the fields at RMR. Below is a list (in no particular order) of the top 5.

1 Sun was in my eyes. (Sunglasses, partner…always a good one since the sun always shines in Colorado)

2–Even Annie Oakley misses sometimes! (A girl can out shoot you!)

3–I didn’t take the safety off….(Come on man…PUSH THE BUTTON!!)

4–I always miss the easy ones (and they are all EASY!)

5–The factory must not have put any shot in these shells. (A whole case of shells that don’t have BB’s in them??!!??)








     The cover is finally turning brown which means that most of the growth has finished and the crops are dying.  This means that the scenting conditions will improve, especially when we get some moisture.
The mornings continue to be cool with some dew and even frost on the ground.  When you are planning a hunt, take the weather into account.
When it is hot and dry, make sure you keep your dogs hydrated.  Colorado Pheasant Hunting is at its best when the temps are cooler and the dogs can smell a bird ‘a mile away’!!

     Make sure you start to think about a great Christmas gift for the Pheasant Hunter in your life!  Rocky Mountain Roosters can get you a gift certificate for AWESOME Pheasant Hunting in Colorado….close to home and a perfect gift idea.  Call us and let us help you design the ideal hunting gift.



September 13th started our 29th year of hunting and it was a great opening weekend.  It is fun to see the people come out and the comments about the cover range from “Holy Cow” to “Unbelievable!!”  Wait until you see what GREAT HUNTING COVER we have for you at RMR.

The winner of the OPENING DAY QUIZ is John Swindle.  It is so simple to win by playing the RMR E-NEWS questions.  John, let us know you see your name!

The weather is such that we are still only hunting in the mornings (guided that is).  We will turn on the afternoon hunting as close to October 1st as we can.  The heat is brutal on the dogs and the hunters and guides.  I am not ready for snow yet but I would like the cool days of fall in Colorado!

RMR Member News

RMR member Matt Grage’s daughter has been dealing with a severe concussion.  Please keep Hanna in your prayers.

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If you need a good laugh, or you need to give one to somebody else, watch Mrs Brown.  English humor at its best.



WINNERS of the Sunrise / Sunset Photo Contest

Thank you to all of the people that voted for their favorite picture.  We learned a lot on this contest (like we needed to pair down the number of entries to show you….we had 114!!)

The most votes went to number 105.  What a beautiful sunrise taken by Geoff and Jen Maki!!  They win 4 hunts for submitting the winning picture. 










The random drawing for those that voted went to:

Howie Metz
Paul Jones
Gerald Hollister
Steven Lave

Each random drawing winner wins a FREE hunt at RMR, too!

Thanks for voting and for all of your support.

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Our 28th year of hunting is in full swing and we are enjoying one of the best years we have ever had at Rocky Mountain Roosters.  Colorado Pheasant hunting at its best!  Look around on our new website and give us some feedback.

Go to the Newsletters Tab and see our quarterly Rocky Mountain Roosters Newsletter.  This one is a favorite among our friends and family and it is chocked full of fun stuff.

The 12th Annual Service Club Shootout is February 1, 2014.  This event has raised more than $330,000 in the last 11 years for 31 different charities.  Get information and come and play with us!

Now is the time to start thinking about the holidays and making reservations to hunt pheasants and chukar in Colorado at Rocky Mountain Roosters.  Colorado Pheasant Hunting at its finest for certain.  This is a great place to bring your family during the holidays!  Call us for reservations at 719-635-3257.

We will be at the Sport Show in Denver in January and we hope to see you there.