One of the nicest things about Rocky Mountain Roosters, besides the best Pheasant Hunting in Colorado, is the rifle, pistol and clay target ranges.  During the off season when we are not hunting, the rifle and pistol rages are open from 730-5pm—or arrange times with us so you can come and go as your schedule allows.    
      We are on summer hours, which is Tuesday thru Saturday. So when you plan on coming out to use the ranges, plan accordingly!  Members and their guests are all welcome to shoot targets, sight in your rifles, and / or practice with your handguns on our ranges. 
     The cost for the pistol and rifle ranges is $10 per person for the day.  It is best to let us know when you want to come out so we can have someone meet you at the clubhouse to give you the target stands and have the non-members sign in.  You can only shoot paper targets, so bring them with you–and a staple gun or duct tape to fix the targets to the stands.
     You should throw in your shotgun and get some time on the Freedom and Liberty shotgun ranges.  If you have not shot off of these GREAT 5-Stands, you are missing out!  Each range is fully automatic and you will need to get a clay card from the office to activate the machines and it will also keep count of your targets.  The cost is only $7 per round of 25 targets.