“It’s like playing golf with a shotgun.”

Rocky Mountain Roosters not only provides the best Pheasant Hunting in Colorado, but we also have two fully automatic 5-Stand clay target platforms.  Both of the 5-Stands are based on the original shooting structure called The PYRAMID™ which has been copied by clay target shooting facilities all over the United States,  The FREEDOM PYRAMID and the LIBERTY PYRAMID are both just outside the front door of the clubhouse. This exciting game uses up to eight fully automatic machines that throw targets in various combinations. The PYRAMIDS™ give shooters and hunters an opportunity to shoot different angles and speeds of targets for a quick tune up or a leisurely few hours of practice. Targets actually come out from under your feet….what a riot!!!

Come shoot a few rounds of targets before or after your hunt, or bring a few friends and enjoy the smell of gun powder and spend some quality time busting clays!!

                            The cost is only $7 a round of 25 and is available to shoot year round, 7 days a week.

If you want to shoot clay birds, give us a call to make reservations, but in most cases the range is available from 730am until 5pm daily.   Call 719-635-3257

We have shotgun shooting instruction available for $50 per hour.  This is by reservation only.